360Health Network

Patient Centered Care

We’ve designed a system to empower the individuals who seek medical help to take control of their health at Anytime from Anywhere using the 360SPACE, 360REGISTRY and 360SENSE

360Health Network

The 360Health Network was created to exercise patient treatment wishes. The 360Health Network is a health advocate for patients that also protects the practitioner. Our platform is based on technologies that are sustainable, mobile, eco-friendly and assist in reducing our carbon footprint.

The 360Health Network is patient and data-centered with reliability, and accountability that is; thereby, advancing the future of healthcare from the living room, to the waiting room, and in to the operating room (when necessary)—with edge-to-edge technologies, that encompass what is—-Health networking with mobility, video, interoperability, cybersecurity, and multimedia at its best! Patient-centered care



The Customizable infrastructure coupled with the on-board technologies platform provides for a Rapid  Response, Detection, Protection, Deployment, Tracking and Modular alternative solutions that may be implemented beyond healthcare administration



Emergency Rooms
Consulting Rooms
Delivery Rooms 
High Dependency Units
Maternity Ward
Dental Offices
Home Health CAre
Optical Centers
Mobile Infusion Centers
Wellness Centers

Real Estate

Healthy Living Units

Student Dorms                 

Old Age homes         

Sleeping Quarters


Public Sectors

Individual tracking Centers
Health Data Access Centers
Rapid test Centers
Disease surveillance Centers
Disaster/Emergency Management Center
Inventory Management
Personnel Tracking